Built 400 years ago with the soul intention of protecting Salvador from its invaders, two of the most important fortresses in town were remodeled and is now two of the new cultural centers. Santa Maria and São Diogo Fortresses are located at the Barra neighborhood will now host permanent exhibitions from two renowned artists Carybé and Pierre Verger.
Both fortresses are opened to the public during the week except on Tuesdays; they also have bistros and souvenir shops. However they will be showcasing different things, Santa Maria Fortress will have unique photos from professional “Baianos” photographers. As well as, hosting small temporary exhibitions from new artists and small events. Whereas São Diogo Fortress will be more technological with the work from Carybé, his work of art will showcase with the aid of digital technology and virtual reality.

These are two must-sees in the city of Salvador, don’t miss out!