Búzios Beach
Búzio's Landscape
Originally settled by European pirates and slave traders, this cultural blend resulted in the picturesque fishing village of Búzios. A simple village until the early 60's when it was "discovered" by Brigitte Bardot.
Nowadays is one of Brazil's most upscale holiday destination with boutiques, fine restaurants and bars, villas, resorts and posh pousadas. Its cultural heritage is still present with cobblestone streets and charming waterfront makes Búzios the Brazilian Saint Tropez.

Búzios is not just a single town but three comunities in the same peninsula - Ossos, Manguinhos and Armação de Búzios. Each with its own "je ne sais quoi" that put together gives this place a magical appeal that attracts visitors from all over the world...
This Brazilian Saint Tropez has a contagious appeal with its laidback surroundings but it still manages to surprise you:
A preserved cultural heritage
Glamourous hotels, villas, resorts and pousadas
Excellent gastronomy with divine restaurants
A bubbling nightlife with waterfront bars
Beautiful nature and staggering landscapes
Búzios is a charming oasis that will provide pleasant recollections of the "Carioca" state!